China E-Commerce: Resistance is Futile China e-commerce laws The PRC National People’s Congress last week promulgated a second discussion draft of the PRC E-Commerce Law (电子商务法草案). If you are interested in commenting, you can find the new statute and a portal for comments here. This statute is an attempt to gain greater control over the online consumer markets. View Full Post
China Manufacturing: Are You Stuck? Use your China manufacturing contract to get out When foreign buyers purchase products from Chinese factories the big issue is usually who owns the design of the product. This issue is often discussed in a theoretical way, based on intellectual property law principles, without getting to the real point. View Full Post
Service Payments from China: Avoid the VAT Tax Trap Consider the following situation. Your company is a service provider. Let’s say your business assists domestic and foreign entities register drugs with the FDA. You are contacted by a Chinese entity to do a registration. Having read China Law Blog (See Getting Money out of China: It’s Complicated), you submit a written, signed invoice to the Chinese entity and you require payment in advance. View Full Post
China Payment Risk Getting paid from China: more than just pressing a key We are frequently contacted by foreigners who want advice on “how to get money out of China”. Usually the questions concern the purchase of assets like real estate or stock and other securities by a Chinese entity. View Full Post