Oh Trademark Registration, You’re So Vain? Ron, you’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you, don’t you, don’t you — actually, it is, or, let’s say, more about your recent in-actions — still, I hope you enjoy this cute little melody. By the way, before fully discussing how you walk into a party or onto a yacht, do I detect a hint of apricot in the color of your stylish Likelihood of Confusion garb, might there be a matching scarf? View Full Post
Does getaroom Make U Want 2 BookaRoom? A tv commercial for yet another hotel booking website just caught my eye, called getaroom: This one was founded by a pair of lawyers, in fact, the same duo that founded Hotels.com. I was left wondering whether getaroom is federally-registered, and it is, for “providing travel lodging information services and travel lodging booking agency services for travelers.” It was registered back in 2011, without any need to show acquired distinctiveness, so it was considered inherently distinctive, I suspect because of the trope and double meaning. View Full Post