Specificity is Key: Six Archetypes of Successful Acquisitions

By | Deal Law Wire | August 10, 2017
Canadian M&A activity has continued to rise in 2017, but with the successes come many more stories of failure. Studies indicated that 70% – 90% of acquisitions ultimately fail. How does a company beat these odds? A recent article by McKinsey & Company suggests that companies who enter into acquisitions with a specific value proposition in mind tend to have higher success rates than those with vague, growth strategies. View Full Post
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Customers and Sales: the Truth in the Numbers

By | Deal Law Wire | July 26, 2017
Mergers and acquisitions typically involves a considerable amount of legal, financial tax and relevant industry due diligence by a purchaser. Consider a transaction where a buyer purchases a private company that sells products or services. The buyer would want to know what it is buying and what obligations it is assuming, but also data regarding the sales potential of the company. View Full Post
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Budding M&a and Financing Activity in the Marijuana Industry

By | Deal Law Wire | July 20, 2017
In September 2016, this blog noted that analysts were predicting higher levels of M&A activity in the marijuana industry. Early last month, we commented that the launch of several Canadian marijuana “streaming” companies – which provide financing to start-ups in exchange for a portion of the start-up’s future product at a fixed price (or a percentage of the start-up’s future profits from that product) – promised to provide an alternative avenue of raising capital for start-ups. View Full Post
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Culture: Its Impact On Successful M&A

By | Deal Law Wire | July 11, 2017
Deal Law Wire - Norton Rose FulbrightA clash of cultures is one factor that contributes to unsuccessful mergers and acquisitions after closing. Often, management tends to be so focused on other aspects of a successful transaction that the integration of culture is overlooked. What is culture? Culture refers to a set of values and beliefs that inform the behaviour and attitudes of a workplace. View Full Post
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