Last Friday the State Department belatedly released a list of 39 Russian entities that operate as part of Russia’s defense and intelligence sectors (the full list is below).  Congress required the Trump Administration to produce a list of such parties as part of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which became law in August 2017.  View Full Post
Last week the U.S. government announced new sanctions on North Korea designed to target non-U.S. persons, aircraft, vessels, and financial institutions that facilitate trade and transactions with the country.  The Executive Order contained four elements: new authority to designate persons as Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs), sanctions on certain aircraft and vessels that visit North Korea, blocking bank accounts used by North Koreans, and secondary sanctions on foreign financial institutions that conduct or facilitate certain transactions involving North Korea. View Full Post
On Friday, August 25th, the U.S. government announced new financial sanctions on Venezuela.  The move is the most recent U.S. response to the escalating political and humanitarian crisis in the country.  The new Executive Order bars U.S. persons from: Dealing in ‘new debt’ of Petróleos de Venezuela (PdVSA), Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, that has a maturity of more than 90 days; Dealing in ‘new debt’ of the rest of the “Government of Venezuela” that has a maturity of more than 30 days; Dealing in bonds issued by the Government of Venezuela issued prior to Executive Order; Transactions related to divided payments or other distributions of profit to the Government of Venezuela from any entity owned or controlled by the government; and Purchase certain securities from the Government of Venezuela. View Full Post