Tom Hanks excels at illuminating our nation’s history, from John Adams to Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, Bridge of Spies, Apollo 13, and Charlie Wilson’s War.  Much of the impact springs from Hanks’ reverence for the primary source materials – the underlying records – that ground these compelling stories in the integrity of historical truth.  View Full Post
Equifax breach – hot mess, or simply the world we live in? The grousing began within 24 hours of Equifax’s announcement, last Thursday, of its massive data breach that compromised personal data of over 140 million U.S. consumers.  I’m generally unsympathetic about such complaints (“We’re shocked – SHOCKED – that in a breach affecting 140+ million people, we’re having trouble immediately reaching a live person at the phone bank!   View Full Post
Breaking news from Captain Obvious – it’s still OK to manually preserve and collect ESI Late last month in Mirmina v. Genpact, the Honorable Sarah Merriam of the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut properly confirmed that it remains permissible to manually preserve and collect discoverable email.  Her opinion was concise and spot-on, swatting away the plaintiff-movant’s speculative “concern” that defendant must have “withheld communications” that were responsive to the case’s discovery protocols.   View Full Post
Game of Hacks A swarm of zombies, led by Byte Walkers, surges inexorably onward to penetrate a massive perimeter wall by force and stealth.  Sounds like Game of Thrones, right?  Instead, this is our cyberthreat reality. And in an ironic twist that would make George R. View Full Post
Reading privacy policies to avoid surrendering your firstborn child WiFi provider Purple recently added a “Community Service Clause” to its usual terms and conditions for wireless service: The user may be required, at Purple’s discretion, to carry out 1,000 hours of community service. This may include the following: Cleansing local parks of animal waste Providing hugs to stray cats and dogs Manually relieving sewer blockages Cleaning portable lavatories at local festivals and events Painting snail shells to brighten up their existence Scraping chewing gum off the streets More than 22,000 people accepted these terms during Purple’s two-week-long T&C gambit, with only one attentive person claiming the prize Purple offered to anyone who noticed this silliness. View Full Post
Why govern your information?  Reason #5: Bad information results in bad decisions. “Garbage in, garbage out” – we know that already, right?  Well … what we know and what we do are not always in sync.  just for kicks, consider information quality through the lens of the industrial quality movement. Looking down from 30,000 feet, the history of industrial quality goes something like this – Medieval Guild craftsmanship, then Industrial Revolution product inspection, and then the post-World War II focus on quality process management.   View Full Post