Ancient Product Liability and/or Prehistoric Risk Assessment? “Scientists Recreate Californian Indian Water Bottles to Study Ancient Exposure to Chemicals”

By | GlobalTort | June 27, 2017
A recent article caught my eye as it in some ways bridges older and newer lines of thinking and living.  The article describes current researchers testing an old Indian bottle making process for risks related to the use of bitumen. The article is summarized in a June 23, article at Science Daily. View Full Post
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“Attorney-Client Privilege and Corporate E-Mail: Navigating the Morass of Personal Communications in Investigations”

By | GlobalTort | June 14, 2017
The ubiquity of email and 24/7 work are creating new privilege issues. Some are addressed  an interesting June 9, 2017 JD Supra article by King & Spalding on a recent New York trial court opinion on issues arising from “personal” use of business computers and email accounts. View Full Post
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An Anti-Asbestos View of Prior Efforts to “Ban Asbestos”

By | GlobalTort | June 7, 2017
With new events ahead as to whether/how to “ban” asbestos, it’s interesting to look back at other efforts on the same topic. To that end, consider this October 18, 2011 article by Laurie Kazan-Allen that provides an anti-asbestos perspective. Through a group known as the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat, Laurie has spent many years working to obtain “bans” on asbestos in many countries around the world, while also organizing victim’s rights groups. View Full Post
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Courts and Work Product Protection After Investigation of Cyber Hacks

By | GlobalTort | June 6, 2017
What are courts saying about work product protection for reports on cyber hacks when the investigation was undertaken by a business hired by a law firm and class action plaintiffs are seeking access to the report? At least three courts have mainly sustained privilege claims, according to an interesting June 5, 2017 article by Shook Hardy, which is published at JD Supra.  View Full Post
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SCOTUS Once Again Hammers the Federal Circuit (the Patent Court)

By | GlobalTort | June 2, 2017
This week brought another lesson in the importance of looking at big picture principles instead of focusing only at the micro level. The lesson arose because SCOTUS once again knocked down a “patent friendly” ruling from the Federal Circuit when the patent law principle at issue had big picture implications for the economy and for certainty. View Full Post
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