Can you blog on Facebook? Facebook is a great place for publishing. Clean mobile interface, easy to key in content (even with my thumbs) and a built in audience for engagement. There’s also no intimidation factor. When you open Facebook, free flow thinking is easy to get down “on paper.” With WordPress, it’s somehow a big deal. View Full Post
WSJ Law Blog closing signals strength, not weakness, of law blogs Wall Street Journal legal correspondent, Ashby Jones (@jonesashby), announced last week that the WSJ’s “Law Blog” launched in 2006 and after 20,000 posts was shutting its doors effective immediately.The End of an Era: The WSJ Law Blog: 2006 2017 via @WSJ Ashby Jones (@jonesashby) July 3, 2017 Law Blog’s closure doesn’t signal much when it comes to law firm law blogs. View Full Post
Social media is more about connections than the information and likes Author and Professor Deborah Tannen explained to Judy Woodruff on PBS that everyday talk and shares on social media isn’t about information we need to know. It’s about staying connected to the people we care about. I think of social media as an extension of the how-was-your-day conversations that let you know someone cares about you, so you feel less alone in the world. View Full Post