Dubious Patent Trolls and a Crowdfunded Infringement Defense

By | DuetsBlog | May 19, 2017
We’ve spent time discussing the patent troll phenomenon in the past.  Patent trolls are less pejoratively referred to as non-practicing entities, because they do not make or use the inventions covered by their patents.  Instead, these non-practicing entities operate by purchasing patents on various technologies, accusing companies of infringing those patents, and demanding the companies pay licensing fees.  View Full Post
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Do I Need a Patent Prior Art Search?

By | DuetsBlog | February 17, 2017
IMG_0007 This is a common question among many new inventors. To be patentable, an invention must be novel and non-obvious in view of the “prior art.” Prior art includes prior filed patents, patent applications, and other public materials. A patententability search, or prior art search, can give the inventor an idea of what the prior art landscape looks like. View Full Post
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