ALM  Legal Compass: Deep Data, Interactive Maps For Legal Market Competitive Insights I have to confess that I have a soft spot in my heart for American Lawyer Media. Their flagship publication American Lawyer and I both entered law firms at about the same time. Three decades ago, when the latest issue of the American Lawyer arrived, I had the distinct  sense that it should have been kept behind the circulation desk and covered in a brown wrapper. View Full Post
Knowing Value: The Rise of the Law Firm Chief Knowledge Officer I recently authored the following article which appeared in the October issue of Thomson Reuter’s Practice Innovations. Knowing Value: The Rise of the Law Firm Chief Knowledge Officer This past July the American Lawyer published its first rebranded annual Survey of Law Firm Knowledge Management, Library, and Research Professionals and focused on the rise of the chief knowledge officer. View Full Post
AALL Survey Reveals: Budgets, Staffing, Salaries in Law Libraries on the Rise AALL has published its 13th Salary Survey which the AALL Press Release describes as “ the only comprehensive, comparative salary information designed by and for legal information professionals at law schools, law firm/corporate law offices and government law libraries. “ In recent weeks there has been a rash of positive stories about the demand for librarians despite the canard that Google had made the jobs of information professionals irrelevant. View Full Post
Practice Innovations October Issue: CKO’s, Blockchain, Autonomous Software, Lateral Partners, 360 Reviews The October issue of Thomson Reuters’ Practice Innovations has been released. Practice Innovations is a quarterly publication which focuses on best practices and innovations in law firm information and knowledge management for legal professionals. Here is a  list of the latest articles: Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Law: A Distributed Disruption, By Rohit Talwar, CEO, Fast Future Research, London, UK, and alexandra Whittington, Foresight Director, Fast Future Publishing, Houston, TX. View Full Post