Smart Contracts and Crowdsourced Juries A new start-up company, appropriately named, is planning to crowdsource juries for the arbitration of contract disputes. The company, which is based in Estonia, describes itself as “The Future of Dispute Resolution,” although an article on Artificial Lawyer points out that its approach to jury selection raises a number of legal questions, among them: “Is a ruling by a group of anonymous jurors assembled online to rule on the disputed outcome of a smart contract legally compliant and legally binding?” In a video “explainer,” states that it is a “blockchain-based platform for carrying out all-purpose deals, executed via smart contract.” Using the platform, entities can enter into a smart contract (e.g., to book a hotel room with an online travel agency), and place the agreed-upon remuneration for the service or product in an escrow account, from which it will be released when the contract is satisfactorily completed. View Full Post
A recent post on TechCrunch featured the story of a seven-year-old girl who threw out the first pitch in a recent World Series final game with her new prosthetic hand –one that had been created on a 3D printer. There is no doubt that 3-D printing is evolving into a significant force for both good and evil (I’m thinking in the latter case of the potential for reproduction of undetectable weapons and even drugs). View Full Post
Adaptability a Key to Lowering Project-Related Stress, Says Logistics Company CEO If you have ever become flustered or agitated under pressure –  and who hasn’t? – you might want to read the profile of Franz-Joseph (FJ) Miller that was recently published on Inc. Miller is the founder and CEO of the time:matters Group, a “high-stakes logistics company” that prides itself on “perfect delivery, every time.” Kevin Dunn, who interviewed Miller for his podcast and the article, describes time:matters as “a business dedicated to providing emergency assistance with over 500 destinations in 90 countries to companies like Siemens, Volkswagen and DHL [Express]… delivering everything from jet engines to stem cells under conditions of huge uncertainty.” Obviously, the mandate of this company practically guarantees that stress will be part of every transaction. View Full Post