LXBN TV: Recapping the Aereo Supreme Court Oral Arguments – Justices Hint at Narrow Decision

By | LXBN | April 22, 2014

Though it makes things less entertaining, it’s probably for the best: when the Supreme Court has a landmark case and industry-shaping issue on its hands, it likes to keep its opinions as narrow and specific as possible. Based on what we heard this morning in ABC v. Aereo, the same will likely happen in this case. Though, with SCOTUS oral arguments, you never really do know what they mean.

Fifth Circuit Refuses NLRB’s Request to Rehear D.R. Horton

By | Vorys on Labor | April 21, 2014
Fifth Circuit Refuses NLRB’s Request to Rehear D.R. Horton

The NLRB is now 0 for 2 in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  In a victory for employers, the Fifth Circuit recently refused to rehear (pdf) its December 2013 decision rejecting an NLRB ruling that questioned the wide-spread practice of having employees sign arbitration agreements that bar class or collective actions. 

Stranger Than Fiction: Attorney Who Formed a Business Named, of All Things, “RPC LLC” is (Unsurprisingly) Disbarred for Repeatedly Violating the RPCs

By | Notice of Appeal | April 18, 2014

The Washington Supreme Court unanimously held in In re Disciplinary Proceeding Against Robert B. Jackson (No. 201,017-2) that substantial evidence supported the hearing officer’s findings that Robert Jackson engaged in fraud, deceit, conflicts of interest, and other serious ethics violations and that disbarment was the appropriate sanction.