Here is a preview of the September 2017 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter: $2.2 million verdict- Hinds County car wreck case covered here (8/18/17); $1.22 million verdict- Gulfport federal court under-insured motorist case covered here (8/10/17); $83,447 verdict- Aberdeen federal court retaliation case covered here (8/23/17); $59,448 verdict- Franklin County uninsured motorist case… Continue Reading

By Byron Shaw

On September 15, 2017, the B.C. Court of Appeal rejected a challenge by the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (“TLA”) to the constitutionality of legislation requiring civil litigants opting for a jury trial to pay the fees and expenses of the jury and jury process. TLA 2017[1] holds that provinces may impose such fees without interfering with the core jurisdiction of the superior courts protected by s. 96 of the Constitution Act, 1867.[2]


Section 17 of the Jury Act[3] states that a party requiring a jury in a civil matter must … Continue Reading

Although Tennessee appellate decisions are readily available, information about how those decisions will affect businesses, legal practice, and people in the state is scarce. We are pleased to introduce our new blog to help fill that information gap — Tennessee Appellate Review. By providing commentary and insights on federal and state appellate news and developments in...Continue Reading
Last week, we looked at how often the Justices voted with the majority in death penalty appeals, regardless of whether the decision was to affirm, reverse in part while affirming the sentence, reverse in part and vacate the sentence, or reverse outright.  This week, we’re looking at the Justices’ votes themselves. In Table 555, we...… Continue Reading

By Connor Bildfell

Mary Carter agreements are settlement agreements between a plaintiff and defendant in multiparty litigation wherein the defendant ostensibly remains an active party to the litigation while the plaintiff’s claim in fact targets the other parties. On September 5, 2017, the B.C. Court of Appeal (the “Court“) released its decision in Northwest Waste Solutions Inc. v. Super Save Disposal Inc., 2017 BCCA 312 affirming that Mary Carter agreements must be disclosed immediately and outlining potential remedies for a failure to make such disclosure. Parties and their counsel will need to keep this in mind when … Continue Reading

In a very noteworthy decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court recently reiterated its long-standing support for arbitration and the great deference it ordinarily gives to the factual and legal determinations of the arbitrators.  In Kellogg v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company (326 Conn. 638), released on August 22, 2017, the Supreme Court reversed the trial court which...
Yesterday, we reviewed the individual Justices’ voting records in death penalty cases for the years 1990 through 1999.  Today, we’re looking at the Justices’ voting records for the years 2000 through abolition in 2010. Partial reversals with the sentence affirmed were quite rare during the years 2000 through 2004.  Justice Miller led the Court, voting...… Continue Reading