UAS: Getting in the Way of Progress

By | Plane-ly Spoken Blog | August 26, 2014

A few days ago Amazon announced, as reported in India’s Economic Times, it will be testing drone deliveries in Mumbai and Bangalore, both locations where it has warehouses.  Apparently, it’s plan is to use an octocopter for deliveries taking 90 minutes to three hours.

Drones Over Kenya and South Africa

By | Global Policy Watch | August 26, 2014
By: Lima Pix

Similar to the growing U.S. interest in exploring civilian uses of unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), efforts are underway across the African continent to deploy UAS in innovative ways such as protecting wildlife, expanding internet connectivity to isolated communities, and delivering humanitarian aid.  In Kenya, Dickens Olewe and his African SkyCAM project is helping journalists to revolutionize their news reporting and coverage.

Did Koontz Stop Illegal Development Exactions in California?

Did Koontz Stop Illegal Development Exactions in California?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last year in Koontz v. St. John’s River Water Management District received quite a bit of national coverage in the development world.  If you’ll recall, Koontz held that the nexus and proportionality standards that apply to the government’s attempt to exact land in exchange for a land use permit similarly apply to monetary exactions.  

UK to Give Children a Greater Voice in Family Justice System

UK to Give Children a Greater Voice in Family Justice System

The United Kingdom Ministry of Justice recently announced the government’s “commitment that from the age of 10, children and young people involved in all family court hearings in England and Wales will have access to judges to make their views and feelings known.” The changes, which will be implemented as soon as possible, will also give children over 10 the opportunity to have input during mediation proceedings.

UAS: if at First You Don’t Succeed . . . .

By | Plane-ly Spoken Blog | August 25, 2014

Seemingly undeterred by his stinging defeat in the Texas EquuSearch’s v. FAA case, attorney Brendan Schulman is making another attempt to have the D.C. Circuit invalidate the FAA’s UAS rules.  As our readers will remember, Texas EquuSearch brought an action earlier this year seeking to declare any effort by the FAA to regulate commercial UAS operations invalid.  As we predicted, that action was dismissed without ever reaching the merits.