Internet of Things: A Huge Realm of Opportunity — and Risk

The Internet of Things goes by a deceptively simple title but includes a vast – and mushrooming – network of physical objects or “things” that connect to the Internet through embedded sensors, electronics and software, allowing them to exchange data with the operator of the object, its manufacturer or other connected devices.

Amarin V FDA: Are Judges Really Equipped to Resolve Scientific Disputes?

August was a rough month for the Food and Drug Administration. On August 7, a federal judge in New York entered a preliminary injunction in Amarin Pharma, Inc.’s lawsuit against the FDA, holding that the FDA could not prevent a drug manufacturer from marketing its drug for uses that haven’t been approved by the FDA, so long as the marketing was “truthful,” a loaded word we’ll get to in a moment.

Monday Morning Regulatory Review: WOTUS Dammed, but How Much?

Monday Morning Regulatory Review:  WOTUS Dammed, but How Much?

One highlight from the last week in regulatory practice overshadowed all else: confusion over fundamental administrative law and judicial review issues far beyond the confines of environmental law became evident in conflicting court decisions and the damming of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers’ Clean Water Rule: Definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS).