LXBN TV: Fired Out of Fear of Ebola – Yes, This is Happening

By | LXBN | October 22, 2014

There is certainly danger in taking issue with the level of alarm some people are taking with regards to the Ebola outbreak. Certainly, it isn’t the worst thing to treat this deadly outbreak with the level of caution and concern it deserves Then again, we’ve seen plenty of instances when this level of concern has just gone too far.

Amazon Tries to Get Drone Delivery Service Off the Ground in India Before Regulators Notice

By | Plane-ly Spoken Blog | October 22, 2014

Speed is essential to success in the private sector.  Being the first into a market with a good idea can launch a company into an unassailable position, or at least leave competitors with a years-long slog to try to catch up.  Unfortunately, regulators rarely feel the same sense of urgency, and are sometimes surprisingly resistant to pressure and threats from legislators to pick up the pace.